Warning: Do not read or ride without Dramamine.

Talk about being taken for a ride!

Last night “Extreme Terror Rides” was on the Travel Channel, featuring the 10 wildest roller coasters and gravity-defying rides across the country.

There was one ride where you’re seated with others in this large basket contraption that’s held to the ground, then when the connectors are loosed, you, still in the seat, are sprung way high. So the concept of bungee jumping in reverse – instead of springing and bouncing downward, you’re going upward. It looked fun.

There was another where you’re way high suspended in a seat, then straps are unhooked and you plummet into a gigantic net. They say that most land with a giant smile and relief. For the most part, we as humans aren’t wired to experience pleasure in falling from terrific heights.

Then there are the roller coasters. Can’t recall the last time I was on one. The ride I most remember was one called something like Twirly Whirl, where you’re plastered against the wall of a tilting spinning wheel. I was maybe 11-ish on an outing as a Campfire Girl (similar to Girl Scouts). Once I disembarked, I promptly threw up at a trash can, which marked my departure from rides that make you vomit.

A couple coasters looked damn incredible; the two that stand:

The Firewalk, at a park in Ohio. They strap you in, then recline the seats so you’re lying flat on your back.  As the cars ascend, you’re on your back head first, with a view of the sky, you've not clue what’s ahead. Then all of a sudden, wham! You’re plunging, twisting and turning, with your only views of sky and ground through the entire ride.

I’m barfing just describing it.

Deemed the No. 1 extreme ride is the Kingda Ka, at Six Flags in Florida. It accelerates from 1 to 128 mph (206 km/hr) in 3.5 seconds. You ascend this tower of 456 feet (139 meters) — basically 45 stories into the air — then drop vertically at a 90-degree angle.

There are folks who ride the Kingda Ka, and others, hundreds of times or travel riding coasters. More power to ’em if they can manage without throwing up. I like my G forces as much as the next astronaut and alien. Still, the sight of all that twisting and turning and churning and upside-down whirling is enough to put a positive spin earthbound gravity, gravity and perhaps these for some action and spring sans the sickness:

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