bananas that only a baboon and a baker could relish

These might be appetizing … to a baboon.

To we human primates, not so, ahem, appeeling. In another week, the bananas I never got around to eating will resemble these. So today is Must Make Banana Bread.

Which reminds me — the other day I was at Costco chatting with the lady demo-ing muffins. I used to do that, btw, food demonstrations, at a Costco in another state. You wanna see how greedy, vulture-like and selfish people can be, just hand out free food. After a while, I couldn't stomach it any longer and found myself another job (this several years ago when there were jobs to be had).

Anywho, I was chatting with the muffin lady and another female customer who had some queries about baking carrot and banana breads. I advised that it's the black bananas she wants, the ones all mushy and gross and too disgusting to eat, they make the best bread. She hadn't known that. I thought it was common knowledge; apparently not. She left pleased and thanking me. I'm always happy to serve information and tidbits when they concern creations in the kitchen, I do so love to bake.

With banana bread, I'm particular. Plain, no chopped nuts, rich in banana flavor and minimal sweetness. I like it warm with a dab of butter. None of this margarine crap. How did that stuff get so damn popular, it has no flavor and its worse for you than butter!

The banana bread puts me in a pickle. I've no easy means of heating it up since I don't have a toaster, toaster oven or microwave. To my sensibilities, heating an oven for one slice is unreasonable, wasteful. It's my day off, I'll swing by the thrift store for a look at toaster ovens.

I'm trying a new recipe and if it's a keeper, I'll post. If the bread's a smashing success, I'll consider eating the buck it costs to transmit a pic from the cell phone to post that too. Which only reminds me of how angry I still am at the U.S. post office for losing – "losing" – that digital camera and equally the apathetic response, as if to say, "oh well, happens every day, no biggie." It's enough to inspire me to learn the recipe for a bomb.

Off I go now in my apron, with wooden spoon in one hand and detonator in the other.

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