Gettin’ into the head of Lady Liberty

So I hear on the radio this morning that the Statue of Liberty’s crown will be reopened to the public on July 4, for the first time following 9/11/2001.

Which reminded me of something someone told me the other week. It costs $16 (AU 20.8, EU 11.8 ) to ride up Seattle’s Space Needle. Sixteen bucks!  What a crock, a ripoff! – but that’s Seattle, overpriced and full of itself.

So I ask her what a drink at the top costs. She didn’t know. There’s a bar but it’s part of the restaurant and you need reservations, even for a drink, and it ain’t cheap.  Read that dinner for two runs a couple hundred (AU 260, EU 147).

There’s also a snack and coffee bar for us pitiful poor folk. Whaddya reckon a small coffee runs? My guess is $4 (AU 5.2, EU 2.9).

So $16 for Seattle’s Space Needle.

Got me wondering what it costs to enter the Statue of Liberty so I researched it.

It’s $22 and that includes the ferry to the statue and Ellis Islands. Actually, there’s a wide variety of packages that factor in points of departure, the museum, reservations to advance visitors to the front to bypass long security lines and so forth. 

Still, $22 (AU 28.6, EU 16.2) gets you over to and into Lady Liberty, one of the world’s most recognized symbols, one replete with history, draw and impact.

And $16 gets you into the Needle (which btw many say ain't all that impressive).

Am I alone in spotting something wrong with this picture?

I’m glad the Lady’s crown is reopening, it's past time for the country to move on from 9/11. Initially only 30 visitors per hour will be allowed entry. That’s gonna be one helluva wait. Best bring a sack meal, a jug of water, a dose of patience and a book or three.

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