Cute cheesy lil’ crackers strike terror in the hearts of two sisters

I made an agreement with myself getting onto Vox this morning afternoon:

I'd answer one of the Questions of the Day, regardless.*

(*of how lame, uninspiring or tortuous it may be)

Fortunately, of the five options, there's one I like: What food reminds you of your childhood.

That's a no-brainer:

In the house, my mother did the grocery shopping and dictated most of the food rules. Cheez-Its were my father's favorite snack. So Cheez-Its were off limits to me and my sister; we were forbidden from having any. (And because there were unpleasant consequences if we dared, we kept hands out.)

It wasn't until well into adulthood that each of us broached buying our own box. There were other food traumas as well, however Cheez-Its nearly tops the list. Still can't look at a box without feeling that trepeditious off limits, can't have, guilt, fear of the consequences.

Which may partially account for why today you find these on my shelf instead:

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