Move over, May Day, make room for Maybe Day

Cloning, temporarily – this is another day it'd be handy to have that talent.

Either that or the ability to separate and send my right arm here, my left leg there, my belly over there, then all regroup and talk about it.

Before continuing, Happy May Day one and all!

May Day always brings to mind when I was a girl and my mother made these little May Day bouquets with most likely geraniums from the hillside. Don't recollect whether she had them in paper cones or wrapped in paper with ribbon or rubber bands. Then my sister and I distributed them to the neighbors. End of my May Day story.

When it rains, it pours. Today there are four events in town. All sound lovely. How can I possibly choose?!

Event 1: First Friday with the beer group. This is the same group that last time met at the hideously expensive Ram; thank god the venues rotate 'cause I ain't payin' those prices again! This time they're meeting at my favorite waterfront spot. Lots o' windows. And the weather is gorgeous — sunny, warm, blue skies –  may be able to snag ourselves a table on the patio over the Sound. Brews. Water. Socializing. How do I say no?!

Event 2: May Day celebration at the downtown square. With the Puget Sound Revels. You remember my posting about going to sing in public, but not before ensuring that all seats within a 3-seat radius were unoccupied? Same group, it's a blast!

On tap is singing … dancing around a May pole … poetry …drama … art stations for creating flowery crowns, garlands, May baskets and more. Fun and flowers in the May Day evening sun! How do I say no?!

Event 3: Free Friday movie night at the spiritual center, proceeded by soup and bread in the basement. This event has come to hold a special, tender and humble spot in my heart. And I already have tasty homemade soft oatmeal raisin and gingersnap cookies ready to contribute. Tonight's film is "The Assassination of Jesse James," which garnered 3-1/2 out of 4 stars from Roger Ebert, my reviewing guru. Soup, spirit and a free film. How do I say no?!

Event 4: The Puget Sound Pagans at the New Age store. Socializing, snacking and a presentation on reiki. Well, I'm familiar with reiki so for me there's no rush for the topic. However, an assembly of witchy women sharing common interests and practices, how do I say no?!

Choices, choices – what's a girl to do, how's a girl to decide?

1. Temporary cloning or separation of body parts for dispatch and rejoining: though a common practice in other galaxies, this skill is not yet available on planet Earth so sadly I must pass.

2. Write each option on a piece of paper and draw from a hat. Not real original.

3. Take same paper strips in a hat for drawing by a total stranger on the street. There are tons of unemployed people in my town and no jobs. It'll give someone something to do.

4. Lay the numbered strips on the ground and spin spin spin till I collapse in a dizzy heap. Wherever my head's pointing is the one. I'm highly prone to motion sickness; even those TV commercials with a camera mounted on the hood of a car negotiating mountain roads get me woozy. So while I like this reinvented concept of spin the bottle, I'll pass.

5. E-mail my sister and ask her to pick a number from 1 to 4. She's intuitive. She's bright. And like me she loves stuff like this, doing something for someone you know and trust and having no idea why! It's like, well, receiving a magical lil' bunch of blooms.

I'll tell you this, with all these fine events and the back-and-forth of I may do this or I may do that, this year's May Day has certainly taken on added meaning!

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