shapes, sights, song and a scarf along the sands

Spring arrived in portion on Puget Sound on Saturday two back.

The sky remained somber gray but warm temperatures and sunbreaks brought flocks down to the waterfront, some arriving with friends, some with partners, some with kids or dogs; I with a film camera. Come along for the stroll.

The thrill of a telephoto lens: spying from afar!

Harbor Lights is vintage Tacoma in a time warp circa 1950. And the visitors and regulars who tout its cocktails as the strongest in town would have it no other way. My former employer-family member who a year ago died in the freak skydiving accident used to frequent Harbor Lights with his family. I think of and miss Rex each time I pass. They're not visible in the photo, my prayers that hover.

I'm rarely seen in public without this scarf around my head. It was a Goodwill find lord knows when. You'll never see me here but you can view my beloved scarf. 🙂

Honest to god I spotted fairies leaping in!

I'd never heard a boy sooo excited about his discovery of crusty sea critters! Over and over he shouted with zeal to his dad, to the sky. Ah, to be young again! …

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