Miss Wink, we hardly knew ye …

Well, that was a short-lived career as a winking harlot.

(You'll need to read the prior posting for that to make sense.) I've flushed the boulder out my eye! Yes indeedy! Water flushes by the handful didn't do it. Shedding self-induced tears didn't do it. Then, resourceful and creative girl that I am, I thought of this amongst my belongings:

See the bottle on the right? It has a gently-tapered pointy tip and has never contained any harmful liquid, only water or saline solution.

So I filled it, positioned my tilted head over the tub, carefully lifted the left eyelid high as it'd go and squirted gentle streams of warm water under the raised eyelid several times.

And felt instant relief the moment the obstructing irritant was dislodged. So I can see clearly now, the rock is gone. Now I'll return to my provocative winking for realsies.

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