every day’s the rose parade

Like a drop of water in the desert, even a smidge of good news goes a long ways in these parts.

I'm happy to report that I'm now with a fresh coffee mug!

Before that's unveiled, I must also report that I'm with new cell phone!

Well, neither's new, technically. The mug's from the Goodwill, the phone from craigslist.

Some of you might recall the used phone I bought in December. Loved the model but two days later discovered the camera didn't work. So I got in touch with seller John who said bring it back for a refund.

I didn't right away. Because it required researching phones and digging through craigslist for a replacement — an output of energy I didn't have. I've been without work and looking since summer. The stress, hardship, lack and uncertainty have exhausted me. Often it's all I can do to get through a day. And it was in the dark of winter. With survival my primary focus, finding a replacement phone right away took low priority.

So I held onto the phone sans camera until the opportunity to replace it appeared. Which just arose this week and gleefully the very same model! (This time I ascertained that the camera worked prior to leaving.)

So I called seller 1 John to inquire whether his refund offer still stood. He never returned my calls.

As coincidence had it, he lives just down the street from seller 2 (with the good phone) so I stopped by. Got the wife in the yard who flatly refused to hear my explanation or carry through with the refund offer.

It's not the loss of money that irks, it's the lack of courtesy in returning the calls. And this an older gent too (60s-ish); these days usually it's the older generation, not youths, with the manners. Oh well, I did all I could and kindly thanked the rude wife and went on my way.

So a functioning phone camera — yey! — means I can present my new coffee mug! Apologies for the fuzzy quality, it's the first pic with the phone and at a buck a pop I can't afford transmissions of retakes from phone to e-mail so this will suffice for now.

The size's ideal — larger than your standard cup but smaller than the sunny yellow Butterfly mug. The handle feels good – so important – and it makes me smile, a key criterion.

So, without further adieu, meet Roses:

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