You’re invited!

It's my birthday!

(In 11 minutes, I'll be a year older.)

I want the world to know!

Come to my (cyber) party!

There's champagne with raspberries …

cake …

balloons. lots of balloons. love balloons! …

and tulips, my favorite flower …

Happy birthday to me!

And oh yes, long before the Internet, I loved those If Today is Your Birthday forecasts that appeared in newspapers. I'd clip 'em (or my mom would enclose it in a card) and refer to it through the year to see whether it came true. Here's this year's from the Chicago Sun-Times:

IF MARCH 15 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Actress Eva Longoria (1975) shares your birthday today. You have natural leadership qualities, and you expect to rise in whatever organization you're in. You have talent and ability, and you want to be respected. People love your enthusiasm for life. It's important for you to have your goals clearly defined. Commitment vs. independence is a big decision for you. Partnerships and close friendships will be unusually important this year.

The year will tell!

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