You go Gumby girl!

Tomorrow's March 15.

Do you know the day? It's the Ides of March, the day Julius Caesar was killed.

It's also my birthday!

I'm joyful because this is the second year in a row that I've not been at some horrific abusive crap job. That's reason alone to party!

And I'm drawing out the celebration, beginning today. Nothing wrong with that! That I've made it this far is pretty remarkable. I figure that any year now I might die so living to see another birthday present itself is an achievement.

You ladies simply must hear about today's plans. Not that men aren't welcomed to listen in …

First, I'm getting a haircut. Well, a trim, it's at that funky length where it's looking scraggly weird as the thick waves come in. I'm going to the students' salon so I'll be there for like two hours, they're slow and seemingly every move must be cleared by a supervisor. Which is fine, I've got a spacious day and have been there before so know to leave lots-o-time.

My cutter's a newbie level 1 student, adding further to the adventure. It's cheap and because I've a 30% discount coupon to boot, I should get in and out for around $9 (13.6 AU, 6.9 EU). That's a gift for a struggling jobless girl!

Then the day's highlight.

A woman in my fantastic Tuesday women's circle told me about a Korean spa in town. And on your birthday, it's free! Normally a day pass, which excludes special services like massages, runs $30 (45.6 AU, 23.2 EU). I'm so excited! I'm a total bath person and so so soooo miss the bathing arts and culture of Japan. (I'm also an Asian trapped in a Western body so these things resonate.) This will be a huge treat, a day of luxury and self-pampering.

The spa provides the towels, cotton robes, shampoo, soap, various scented lotions, locker. You just bring yourself and any supplies you might desire like loofahs, pumice stone, hairbrush.

You can stay as long as you wish; tonight it's open to midnight. My gal pal said she was there for about four hours. I'm anticipating longer.

You've GOT to take the quick tour:

Hot Whirlpool


Alternating between hot and cold pools can help tighten your pores. Jump in under the waterfall and experience the revitalizing effect of its healing massage.

Mugwort Well

Mugwort has been used for hundreds of years in Korea and is known to be effective in balancing women's hormonal levels and contains natural antibiotics and sterilizers that help keep your skin healthy and young. (Ed. note: You don't sit in this, rather scoop water over yourself.)

Dry Sauna

Our dry sauna is filled with an essence of a variety of Chinese herbs to promote good health and meditation. (Ed. note: was told there's also a steam sauna.)

Lounge Area

Enjoy your time cooling down in our comfortable lounge with foot massagers.

Earth Energy Heated Rooms

Mud and Jade Room

Dry mud and crystals such as jade, rose quartz, adventurine, aquamarine, germanium emit far-Infrared rays (known as earth energy) to promote blood circulation and release the toxins that are locked within the body. It is about 170 F. (76.6 C)

Sand Room

This room has sea sand underneath a layer of canvas. It is about 150 F (65.5 C). Sand and variety of crystals on the wall provide complete fomentation that relieve arthritis, irregular menstrual cycles, severe cramping and lightheadedness.

Salt Room

This room has sea salt underneath a layer of canvas and valcite crystals on the wall. It is designed to alleviate a range of respiratory and skin conditions, including asthma and psoriasis and to reduce the effects of stress. (ed. note: if you don't find me in the water, you'll find me here.)

With happiness I anticipate beginning my fresh year tomorrow like this little guy, waterlogged:

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