blow up the balloons an’ pop the champagne!

Today is March 10.

It's not just any March 10.

It's … my … sister's … birthday!

And not just any birthday.

She's turning 50!

Wowwweee kazoweeee! It's weird to think that I've known her all my life, and her me, outside of our parents, and no one else fills those shoes.

Speaking of shoes …

As you may have noticed, I don't write about, or describe, those in my circle. However, today being special, I shall mention a few things that really stand out in my mind about my sister.

She hates shoes! She hates them as much as I do. If you saw us together, you'd think we were raised in rural Thailand in a shack by a family too poor to afford them so we simply went about barefooted, no big deal.

It wasn't like that. We're not Thai. We weren't raised in a rural shack. And we were provided shoes. To this day, neither of us wears 'em unless circumstances require. We both work barefoot too (as circumstances allow). On this count one could tell we're totally related!

She's an animal rights person. And I don't mean "I'll cut out meat and participate in marches." She's way way way out there, in the positive sense. I couldn't recount the animals she has helped, directly and indirectly. Her life revolves around the animals. She knows it. Her partner knows it. Anyone who comes to know my sister will know that humans are second to them. It's her life's work, her mission, her raison d'etre. Even as a child, we both remember, she displayed a very strong affinity with animals and was always on the side of the underdog. My sister's an animal from another planet who's taken on human form. And I love her for that.

She's about the funniest person I know. A very dry wit, subtle, always on the mark and quietly eccentric. It's the sort of humor that most people will miss. She cracks me up like no one else. And we have our own private language and jokes. When we get together, which is very infrequently, others leave the room and let us roll for hours and hours. They have to. It's our private world, our inner sanctum, a language between us, as sisters, who've been together and shared lives from day one.

We share a history that no one else shares, an understanding and recognition of where each of us has come from and survived. Ours was not an easy family; in fact, it was brutal. Had there not been that bond, that soulful recognition we each hold of and in the other, I would've ended up in a very different place in life, a not good place, perhaps she too. We didn't rescue each other as much as …. see each other … the value and the greatness and the glory in the other that our parents failed to see (and sought to destroy). She's a great blessing in my life.

My sister doesn't read my blog. That in no way impedes me from writing:

To my hippy hippy sis!

May you be blessed 100-fold by the animals you keep, and so tenderly, within and without, and touch and do not touch every single moment of your wondrous, caring and devoted life to them.

And cake. Zehr Must Be Cake.

And may you live in joy today and all the days to come. Love you, sis!

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