Bye-bye to blubbering over a paper cut

Sometimes the past isn't dead but lies in waiting for that glorious opportunity to breathe anew, even if for a moment.

Such is the case with a posting I've unearthed from the vaults of Vox — and tediously so I might add. If ever you've used the search function for a prior post or pic, you know it lands you nowhere fast.

So you scroll tediously page after page after page through the years for the needle in the haystack. On the upside, it gives me new appreciation for my range of colorful writing during Mr. Toad's Wild Ride that is (my) life.

And this tedious torment — did I mention the tediousness? — I took on why? Why, in service to my peeps! why, for Flamingo Dancer! Who of late has been squawking about a minor surgical procedure on her arm.

So, FD, this posting of Nov. 4, 2007 is for you and all who enjoy a touch of the Halloween chill early or recognize that sometimes the past isn't entombed but lying in wait for a hand up into the living present.

Introducing: the Frankenstein line of jewelry

Every day is Halloween here.

My sister's partner took a very bad fall from a ladder that shattered his wrist. He was rushed to ER where he received treatment from a surgeon, who reported that it was the worst shattering he'd seen.

He's fortunately OK, mending well and wearing this device called a fixator, aka his Halloween costume. These pics are too cool to pass up on posting.


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