craigslist has its suckiness too

Craigslist is good for four things, I've concluded.

1. Trolling for dates and "encounters."

2. Selling or buying items.

3. Services such as moving, home projects, car repairs, physical labors.

4. Employment.

The rest pretty much sucks.

I've come to this conclusion through my own experience and those of others who have placed ads outside these categories.

Recently I've placed about, oh, 15 ads offering various services to drum up some cash and, more importantly, to contribute because my work ethic's on fire from unfulfillment.

Not a single response. So I resposted. Same results. So I stopped doing that.

Then I ventured onward to post this:

I want to form a support group for the unemployed in town.

My vision is for people on a grassroots blue-collar level who are hurt, frightened and on the edge, perhaps even inches away from homelessness, to gather to talk about and share feelings, thoughts and experiences.

I'm an intelligent, highly experienced and skilled person who has been unable to land a job for six months, despite pounding the pavement, pouring out my heart and efforts, submitting applications and resumes galore.

I find that many, especially the employed, do not really understand the toll it takes. There are others in the same situation, I know.

If you're interested or in need of a sense of community in these very difficult times, please e-mail. It does not matter what your age, gender or line of work was, only that you feel the hardship of our economic meltdown.

I received one response, from an intelligent and articulate gentleman, who applauded my action, said that he and his wife and infant are struggling and posed a few questions. I responded. Sadly, never heard back.

Then I came across a posting by a woman who had lost her job and was looking to start up a support group of unemployed women.

I responded. I was the only one.

Then I read this ad:

Just wondering if anyone responds to these CL ads. I posted yesterday seeking someone to play a round of golf or go for a bike ride …. I got zero responses. Thought this might be a good way to meet people that like to get outside. Am I wrong?? Is this just for the 30 and under crowd? Anyways, drop me a note. Me 58 y/o male that enjoys outdoor stuff.

I wrote him back just to say I feel your pain and frustration.

Back to the unemployed support group.

So, two separate efforts by two separate women have yielded a group of: two. I queried the interest of my sole ad respondent in joining us. No response.

V. and I are meeting for coffee anon.

Given our status and the economy, I thought a good stiff drink was more in order but whatever .

She's newly laid off, whereas I'm an old pro, going into month 7 of joblessness. We'll find commonalities no doubt. With exceptions, the employed don't and can't truly understand the stress, fear and isolation and toll unemployment takes and in this economy. Which is one reason why I sought to start up a support group. Through craigslist.

So much for that.

Perhaps therein is my mistake. Next time I'll post that it's a group for the unemployed and we're meeting in a secret opium den. You can bet they'll come running then. Along with a few of the gainfully employed (you know, opium being illegal 'n' all):

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