a yellow scarf oh so divine

I've had a secret all week that I can now reveal.

Tomorrow I'm going on a job interview.

I and 200 others. I'm not thinking too hard on that part.

I'm thinking positive. Upbeat. Focused. I'm feeling good about this one.

It's a restaurant that's holding open interviews tomorrow and one day next week as it prepares to expand its lunch hours.

All week I've been intuitively tuning into the opportunity. And following what I'm guided to do; that itself has been interesting.

I kept hearing the word color. To pay attention to the colors I wear to the interview (especially from waist up).

From a variety of my wardrobe options, I selected a pullover sweater in olive/military green that resonates beautifully with the occasion, the name of the restaurant and my skin.

All that was missing, I knew, was the final touch — a burst of color. I don't have jewelry, necklaces large or small. And the one "dressy" scarf I do have doesn't at all harmonize with the sweater.

Yet I knew the burst of color needed to be, or contain, in order yellow, bright blue, red or complementary combination thereof.

As part of getting into the zone, I walked the 10 minutes this afternoon to the restaurant, where many will assemble tomorrow, to peek in. It wasn't open but sure enough the color scheme confirmed my hunch: This is a place that's tuned into colors.

My intuitions were beginning to "make sense." I ventured onward several blocks and more by happenstance than planning came to an upscale community thrift store. I went in to look for a scarf. None was suitable.

I strolled onward, paused on a street at a fork of three choices. What to do next? Go on to the shore as I'd had planned for relaxation ahead of tomorrow?

Hop into my car and drive across town to the Goodwill in search of a brightly colored scarf?

Try to squeeze in a long walk to yet another thrift store before the meditation circle tonight?

Or … oh wait! … is that a clothes rack I see outside halfway down the block?!

I squinted. Yes it was! I walked to it and discovered this cool hole-in-the-wall retro thrift store. Named, of all things, Orange!

It's so tiny and on a low-traffic street, it's easy to miss; I've walked past many times myself and barely knew it was there.

I described to the cool shopgirl, Laura, the occasion and the image, the combination of colors, from the divine.

She drew my attention upward. And you'll never guess what was was amongst the dozen scarves hanging along the ceiling.

My bright sunny yellow scarf!

What more can be said?!

As Laura and I completed the sale, we chatted like we'd known each other long past those 15 minutes. She said she has a good feeling about the interview too.

I went to my evening meditation group, embracing it as further preparation.
Followed by an actual meal (!!), a simple late supper of smoked oysters, sliced cheese, French bread and for dessert a lemon poppyseed muffin, with a dab of butter, warm straight from the oven. And a steaming mug of green tea.

A glass of red wine shall close this lovely and magical day, the eve of a job interview.

+ + +

Vox has been strangely quiet of late. Even if no one reads this, I know the universe is hearing and reading these words.

Even if the rain continues, tomorrow shall be a bright and good day. With a lacy sunny yellow scarf. That was destined to be.

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