The best thing since sliced bread. In a horror film.

So you’re going to a dinner party.

What to bring the host, what to bring. A bottle of wine? Been done to death. Cheesecake? Fattening.

You're out of ideas. You want a gift that's novel, that'll stick in people's heads long after the coffee and cake are consumed. This one will. Guaranteed.

Thing is, you won't find it on any shelf at your local market.

You've gotta travel overseas to get this bread.

That's right. I said bread.

These are created at a family-run bakery in Thailand. They're made of dough, raisins, cashews and chocolate.

After they're baked, the artist, Kittiwat Unarrom applies the final touches, drawing from anatomy books and memories of visits to a forensics museum. He's got a master's degree in fine arts, began with painting portraits, then moved into "body breading" since his parents run the bakery.

Reckon that if ever desires to leave the bakery and work abroad, he'd quickly find a foot in the door at Hollywood's Universal Studio. In the makeup department.

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