these dolls have a certain spellbinding charm, you might say

You gotta be familiar with the Casey Anthony story to appreciate this one.

Casey Anthony being the mother who allegedly killed her 3-year-old daughter, Caylee. Didn’t report her child missing for a month while she partied hearty and slutted about town. And has told nothing but one lie after another after another, each substantially disproven by the authorities.

Fortunately the prosecutors are gathering evidence, stepping smartly and locking this one down solid.

Honestly, the defense doesn't stand a chance, though of course they'll come up with something smarmy.

My take is she’s profoundly narcissistic and a chronic compulsive liar. And quite sane. She knew (and knows) right from wrong.

Because of the particularly heinous, selfish and cold nature of the murder of this sweet child, Casey Anthony is, um, far from popular. Western sane mothers who purposefully kill their children, in this case because the girl was an inconvenience, nuisance and interfered with the fun carefree life, are one step above child molesters.

Anyhow, I stumbled across this news item about Casey Anthony voodoo dolls for sale on eBay. Three dolls, each starting at $19.99 (31.3 AU, 15.6 EU).

Their creator is an artist in New Orleans.

Thought it was an interesting story so I contacted her. We exchanged e-mails. I asked whether it’d be OK to share it on my blog, she said sure!

The artist said she’d received hundreds of messages, the overwhelming majority positive and the remainder “very vile," writing “99 percent of messages are great – people love it. The other percent sends death threats, religious threats, call me a sicko, etc. Yikes!”

Really? What are they saying?

“Oh gosh, everything from 'shame on you for profiting on a dead baby' to 'you’re going to hell' to 'you're a horrible person, you’re insane', to 'I'm going to put a spell on you.’ UGGHH!!"

Reckon there's the pool of jurors for the Anthony defense attorneys.

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