the cranes sail in (and they ain’t flappin’ wings)

My town lives in the shadow of Seattle.

Not yesterday.

This ship arrived at the Port of Tacoma carrying two of the world’s largest cranes.

The sailboats lend a little perspective to how huge this is! And if you look closely at the last pic, you can spot what appears to be a small craft alongside.

The cranes'll be used to load and unload container ships here. Tacoma has one of the most active port operations this side of the continent, unbeknownst to many.

Each of the orange cranes stands 273-feet (83.2 meters) high and can reach across 24 containers. And if you've ever been up close to a container, you know how big just one is!

Each crane weighs 1,210 short tons (1,100 metric tons) — for perspective, one short ton is 2,000 pounds (907.1 kg).

They were fully constructed and welded onto the ship for their journey from Shanghai to here.

The two smaller blue cranes (photo right) will continue on to Chile.

So put that in your snooty pipe, Seattle, and smoke it.

Transportation’s in the news today. Which is interesting partly because it's a Mercury retrograde and Mercury rules transportation and transportation gets static-y in a retro.

Woke up to this pic on the front page of the town's paper (and not too far from my abode):

and this:

That sign in the first pic, bottom right — was it placed before or after the accident?

Viewing these, I thought: hmmm, looks familiar. Remember this pic of the Seattle bus last month?

Those drivers btw got fired because they’d been instructed not to take the icy road.

Back to the local orange school bus. No one was injured.

The bus slid on the slick road after a light snow.

Thing I found most interesting: It was the bus driver’s first day on the job.
During a Mercury retrograde. Not a good time to start a new job (the unexpected occurs) and accidents increase. A twofer for the driver. Poor kid.

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