Wait, this ISN’T the line for Neil Young?

I know times are tough but good lord!

Standing in line in the freezing cold for free makeup?

Thanks to a comment Ivysgrandkid made at his blog, I learned that Macy’s, a big fancy-schmancy department store chain, along with even fancy-schmancier Bloomingdale’s, Saks, Nieman Marcus, Gottschalks and Bergdorf <—— who are they? were giving away free cosmetics.

The settlement of a class-action suit alleging price-fixing between the cosmetic manufacturers and department stores.

I think it's really awesome, because it's free makeup and who doesn't want free makeup? says Nina Knorr in Vermont.

I for one. That’s not the news though.

So all these folks queue up … at night … in winter … for lawsuit cosmetics.

Makeup that, according to my online research, wasn’t even the good stuff.

Now, as someone who doesn’t wear makeup and never has, I couldn’t tell ya what the good stuff is.

My guess is it wouldn’t be from the Dollar Store. Which is where I’d be, scanning with eagle eye the shelves for the two-for-a-buck sign.

Word is that Chanel, Estee Lauder, L’Oreal and other makers were allowed to create special products for this giveaway.

So you know they’re not diggin’ deep into their pockets to produce quality.

I stumbled on this tidbit from the scene at Saks:

Customers were handed a pink, yellow or green ticket that corresponded to their label of choice — Chanel, please! — then herded to a desk to claim a prize. Ugh.

OK, right there, any scene involving the word herding, I’m out faster than you can say lip gloss.

The things I found weren’t really the things I use, says one housewife clutching her body lotion. I use expensive moisturizers.

Don't I feel like a homeless person because I shell out a small sum for Neutrogena lotion, my one body-care luxury. I adore Neutrogena, have raved about it for decades, would be their PR person for free.

And this is downright scary:

I went to the Freehold Mall (in New Jersey) and got Clarins beauty flash balm at Nordstrom and Clarins energizing moisturizer at Macy's… Lord and Taylor only had Lancome mascara, which was still pretty good!

I've absolutely no idea what she just said.

Another lady says she got J'adore Dior perfume — is that good? — but wasn’t sure it was worth the half-hour wait in the cold.

I don’t get why women buy into the makeup thing to begin with so lining up for it is like listening to someone speak in tongue.

Anyhow, if you’re in the States and share this shopper’s sentiment:

Free makeup! That's music to a woman's ears!

best hop to it, the giveaway ends in four days.

Don't look for me. I'll be found down at the pub, cryin' my non-mascared eyes out into a pint, wondering how it is we share the XX chromosomes.

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