God I’d give my eyeteeth for some Novacaine

Two words. I'm living by two words.

Pain Management.

My problematic pair of teeth/gums/bone went from bad to worse in the past 12 hours. Can just feel the raging infection.

Unfortunately, it's Friday. My dentist office is closed; they work M-Th.

There's the weekend. Then Monday, a national holiday.

So not until Tuesday will I be able to call for an appointment.

That's a long time to stick this through. Without pain management tools.

Aspirin and anti-inflammatories have no effect. Professional treatment is needed.

It's taking enormous will not to grab the pliers and yank out this tooth or two.

Will. Will I have.

But I don't have what I need. Antibiotics. A job. Insurance. A reasonable fluid income.

Beer, beer I have. Red wine. Rye whiskey.

Between now and when I can see the dentist, I'm staying the course of Pain Management. Hoping they can squeeze me in next week.

That's one perk of my unemployment: an accommodating schedule.

I'm in mind-numbing discomfort, can barely remember my name. In fact, in the duration, don't call me WB, call me PM, as in Pain Management. Miss PM, please.

And no sympathy. Especially the superficial pat-pat on back, genuinely annoys. Unless it comes inside a bottle.

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