the yolk’s on me

I got this egg-shaped candle.

Imagine my surprise when it went from this:

to this:

That's the thing about Ross. You don't know what surprises are in store.

When lit, this candle gently cycles through colors, red to purple to blue to green to orange to yellow to orange to red.

The colors are soft glowy pastel. Not as bright as in this pic, posted to give an idea what it looks like burning

Inquiring minds need to know. So I googled and learned that the candle contains a fibre optic mechanism that's activated by the light of the flaming wick. Cool.

Or shall I say most eggcellent?

I certainly didn't expect this for something that cost $2.99 (AUD 4.51, EU 2.27) (original retail sticker on bottom – $18.99, AUD 28.58, EU 14.41). You might say the yolk's on me.

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