bitten by the love bug

I'm in love!!!

With my electric toothbrush.

The toothbrush is my second carefully-contemplated and wise purchase with the Christmas money from the family.

The first was ink cartridges. So you can spot the theme of Practicality & Need.

When I bought this Oral-B 7400 — Oral-B rocks! –I wasn't thinking exclusively of my current plight but longterm care and maintenance of teeth and gums.

I sound like an advertisement. Or old lady. Or both.

Fact is, I'm a Dental Queen. Since maybe age 6, it's been one continuous battle to preserve what I've got (courtesy of genetics). I've had more work done in this lifetime than most have in 10. I'm not complaining. It is what it is.

Knew I'd love this product when I took it off the shelf. Knew the way I know when something's right, when the path's good.

It was a long wait for it to charge up. The booklet says at least 16 hours; it was about 21.

I had it in the bathroom. I kept checking in to see whether the flashing green light had turned solid.

I thought: This is silly.

So I moved it into the center room with my laptop. Set it on the coffee table and kept vigil. So anticipatory was I, you'd think I was waiting for a postman to deliver a love letter.

When it was fired up, I jumped up, grabbed and hastened to the toothpaste tube.

It was love at first sight whirl.

It cleaned so expertly, deeply, thoroughly, you'd think you'd just come from the dentist. I loved it and my mouth totally loved it! Had the very same thought expressed by many at online dental sites:

I'm never going back to a manual.

Did it entirely clean up my problem? Heck no.

However, it did such a fine job, going places where no manual can, that I reckon I can hold off on the dentist till I'm with job.

All that aside, using it's a blast!

The Oral-B recommended cleaning is 2 minutes, 15 seconds per quadrant. Every 15 seconds the brush whirs this distinctive sound alerting to move to the next quadrant; at the 2-minute mark, it emits another sound signaling finito.

Of course, 10 minutes later I'm still found dreamily brushing away with stars in my eyes.

Maybe I exaggerate. Maybe I don't. Either way, I've been bit by the loooove bug.

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