talkin’ out the side of my mouth. literally.

There's a sign hanging from my teeth. It reads Do Not Disturb.

The problem area, it's complicated. It's not pretty. Could be any number of issues (all of which of course I've researched). No way around it, to a dentist I must get thee, me.

Until then, I'm lying low, flying off the radar screen so as not to stimulate it. Breathing is as much as it and I can take.

It's gray, gloomy and cold today. By no means is that news, it's Pacific Northwest weather for seven, eight months of the year. Nonetheless, it's tempting to hole up inside with a movie. That's what I'd do if I had a DVD/VCR player.

Last night I sat with a teabag placed against the damaged area. Not a myth, teabags (moistened in warm-hot water) do ease toothaches.

I'd meant to remove it as I drifted into sleep so as not to be awakened in the middle of the night flinging and fighting for my life with a teabag lodged in my windpipe.

It tumbled out safely. So I live another day to write about how badly I need a dentist.

Really is too exciting in these parts of Tacoma.

Yesterday I purchased an electric toothbrush with the green gifted me at Christmas. So wisely, thoughtfully and carefully I'm spending it.

It's an Oral-B. I like their toothbrushes very much. It was on sale. Sweet! Then, I discovered later, there's also a rebate offer at their Web site. Sweet again!

This model's gotten rave reviews too. This purchase reflects my ramped-up über-commitment to the care of my teeth and, particularly, gums. I really blew it with this one area. It won't happen to the rest.

It's now charging — 16 hours it takes fresh out of the box! I'm keeping watch on the flashing green light to turn solid. Soon I'll get to check it out, can't wait!

Like I said, very exciting in these parts of town.

FYI: Oral-B, a subsidiary of Braun, is, and I quote: so convinced that you'll fall in love with the product, we give you a risk-free offer. Use it for 30 days from date of purchase. If you're not 100% satisfied, receive a full refund. No questions asked. Guaranteed.


I like a company that stands behind its product and customer service. Unlike Target. It irks and saddens that peeps who know about Target, via my posting, still shop there. So much for consumer activism and solidarity.

Chili's on the menu today, the making thereof. Got the makings and spices, just haven't yet found the recipe that hits the sweet spot.

Sure am using "sweet" in abnormal amounts. it's not even a word I use normally. Probably because of the dental stuff heavy in my mind.

Cold gray days like this inspire chili. Even if it's only to look at and smell. My appetite's absent for the sick teeth. Did I even eat yesterday? {thinks} Oh yeah, pizza slice at Costco.

Too exciting in these parts, I'm tellin' ya. Just staying still as possible till I ring the dentist tomorrow. It'll be the highlight of the day.

Meanwhile, some look-alikes to tickle the mind; do not disturb the teeth!


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