Chumming it up with Carlo


That used cell phone I bought from the nice gentleman the other day?

The camera doesn't work. It snaps a picture, it's the lens, everything appears black. And since the camera's a priority …

Neither of us thought to check it. Too bad. I really like the phone. He'll refund of course. Back to square one.

Also I quite seriously need to see a dentist. With no job or insurance or money. Don't know how or if I can make it happen, the treatment's way out there, in price and pain. Even with my ultra-attentive care, the condition may be worsening, it's crying for professional attention, may now be an infection. Didn't sleep well at all last night.

For even more fun and games, Mercury goes retro Jan. 11. Amongst other things, not a good time to initiate treatment, neither with an unknown dentist.

Just not feeling at all well today. I'd go back to bed except the discomfort allows no rest, only daydreams of a dentist. Today he shall be called Carlo.


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