How about a quirk with that quiche?

My list of quirks might fill a small book. I was just over at Flamingo's blog looking her Christmas pics and was reminded of one.

The place mats at any table of mine must be different.

This applies whether there be two or 20 seated.

Some years back my mother asked what I wanted for Christmas. (Or was it a housewarming?)

I thought. What don't I have that would be useful.

"Place mats," I said.

"But each has to be different. They can't match. And no sets."

She picked the phone up off the floor.

I'm specific and clear, most of the time, and continued.

"Each must be different but there's gotta a connection somehow. Like a color or a shade or a turn in a pattern. Not obviously. Subtle."

And they can't be under one theme. Example, they can't all be ducks, even if each is different.

She really hadn't heard this before.

That must've been some fun shopping for her, especially since so many do come in sets. "Uh, where are your place mats? And my daughter insists that each be different." She pulled it off though.

The place mats are the foundation stones of the table. Each will be unique and connected in the whole. No exceptions.

Napkins now, say cloth, they can be the same color. Up to six or eight. After that, different color or pattern.

As for the rest of the table, the plates, silverware, glasses, candles, centerpiece, that's another creative process and not pertinent today.

Tablecloths. I far prefer the mats and wood. Sometimes though they do better suit the occasion.

In which case it will be a quality cloth and weave (I'm extremely tactile), simple, basic, solid color, little to no adornment. Like a monk's robe. No lace! Sorry to those who like it. On the table, it makes my throat gag, constrict, like I'm suffocating. As a seated guest it'd be a challenge.

I'd push onward for my manners. And keep the wine bottle close. Very close. As in my lap with a long straw. Because efficient though it be, have never much cared for this look.

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