Mmmmmmm….molasses cookies ahead!

Where is everybody? Last-minute shopping? Too quiet around the Vox hoods.

The Pacific Northwest has seen ice and snow all week. Another big storm's supposed to blast through tonight.

Bummer. I was thinkin' of hitting a shindig across town but now I reckon I'll skip it, so many idiot horrible drivers on the roads whose arrogance impedes the safety of themselves and others. My motto is: If I don't have to be on the roads, I won't. (Update many hours later: Shindig canceled due to weather.)

The other day I took a long stroll and studied the tires on the roads and how people were driving.

There was this one driver who was handling a slick road exactly right. Smartly. Right speed. Right amount of distance. Good approach at the intersections.

And right behind were three cars all lined up, tailgating. As if space is something to close up, not leave.

Fucking morons.

I felt so sorry for that driver at the front. That person was doing the right thing. And the people behind were being stupid stupid stupid. Creating a recipe for a train wreck. So unnecessary. The lowest common denominators in any society always prevail.

So I'm staying off the roads unless I've absolutely no choice, and without a job (sigh, not going there today …) I've been able to accomplish that. Just so much stupidity out there. There's just no other word for it.

Wish I could go hole up for winter in some rural spot far far away from these drivers ("drivers").

Sad discovery on that same stroll. A few months ago a new cafe opened. I've a ton of food-service experience and responded to their ad (along with a million others).

Met them, had a friendly long chat, liked them and their concept. Even with the connection and food-service experience staring them in the face, they went and hired others. Including I later discovered someone they said couldn't even make a salad. I was like: "Uh, I can do that. I've done that. And a lot more."

They fired Dumb Deli Dude and hired anew just a couple days before I stopped in to pay a visit, as I was routinely doing to get a foot in. Damn.

When I walked by a few days ago, the place was boarded back up, vacated. They didn't make it. So in the end I was lucky and being protected.

Another eatery also nearby I've been keeping my eye on. Interior's under total renovation. A few months ago ran an ad in preparation for opening. Again, a million responses. But I kept trying and passing by to monitor progress. Doors remain shut, construction is halted. My prediction: It ain't gonna happen.

Still more sad troubles. Another well-known bistro's is folding up and, ouch, a very well-established cafe-hangout, same owners, is hurting, they may be forced to close or sell.

Retailers, already reeling with the recession, are gonna see bleak spending in this final weekend before Christmas, I predict. Except Walmart.

Today spicy soft chewy molasses cookies are on the agenda. The baking thereof, not eating — OK, maybe one or two — gifts for friends.

Such a sweet warm fragrance, the studio'll smell wonderful.

A pal sent some pics. Needed entertainment perhaps for those stressed out by shopping or days remaining before Christmas?

Simplify. And please remember, there are humans and animals who have little to nothing and need. Spend your dollars smartly. Give less stuff, better no stuff. Give of your self. Give. There's someone who has less than you.




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