where me mojo go?!

Sorry, fellow Voxers, my mojo's evidently gone up in smoke!

Twice before when the culture is good page has grown stale, I've dropped a note to the editor and the next day a fresh one appears.

Couple days ago I did likewise. And still it's that damn mirrored ball!

I swear, if I hafta look at that thing one more time, I'm gonna have an aneurysm!! (p.s. not much of a pic to start with, its stay all the more annoying.)

So just so ya know, Voxers, I'm on it.

I'm goin' back in, without the parakeet, to wave some mojo their way. And this time I'm wearin' it on my head. 

What's that look like anyhow? Sumthin' like this (p.s. you can safely assume henceforth all people pictures are of others, mine'll never appear here):

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