beer with the boogeyman

Horror flick or spelling bee.

Those were my choices last night. Shock the brain or educate the mind.

Thursday's free movie night at one of my hangouts. Hard to top a pub flick with a beer or two — even if it is the cheapo blue-collar Pabst befitting the budget of the unemployed.

On tap was Rob Zombie's "Halloween," the remake of the classic John Carpenter film by the lead singer of (the now defunct) White Zombie.


The annual spelling bee at the fine used bookstore. With words that start easy — giving contestants a false sense of optimism — then gaining in difficulty. Pococuranteappoggiaturas vivisepulture prospicience.
I've always been a good speller but not that above examples good plus I was in no mood for the public or private humiliation of making an error. Could've gone to observe but all the other occasions I've sat on the sidelines at a words event, I've regretted it.

So the Zombie's "Halloween" it was.

Speaking of which, it's been a good while since there's been a quizzie in the hood. What better than one as my most favorite holiday approaches.

Your Halloween Costume Should Be

An Alien

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