a cut and a coat

My head's another's guinea pig today.

The students at this haircutting school in town acquire their skills through the heads of the public. We in return get a style or cut that's cheaper than even Supercuts. (p.s. their cuts are not that super.)

Last time, I was there for two hours for a simple cut. Because first the student consults with you. Then the supervisor who's strolling the floor is brought into the loop and informed.

Then they shampoo and condition the hair. Who does that anymore without incurring an additional charge?

Then it's back to the chair.

They take their time, dividing the hair into sections. Clipping it up. Invariably mine tumbles out because it's thick. So they determindedly reclip. Or pull out the big boys you'd use to up a horse's tail for a show.

Then ya sit. And ya sit. Then ya sit some more.

The super stops in for a look-see. There's gotta be a couple dozen stations so that's a lotta checking and hair to sweep up.

Then they blow dry it. I always ask to skip it. I don't dry it at home either. They do unnatural things with the dryer and brushes of different shapes. I don't need the pouff or the seamless style. My hair's unruly. Let it be.

Separately, I got new old clothing yesterday. This linen coat from the Goodwill. With a single button that may or may not be abalone. It's a large so I swim in it. And I don't need the shoulder pads (they're sewn under the lining so no removing them). Regardless, I like the look. The price as well — $7.99, then half off, it was green tag day.

The cell-phone camera reveals its deficiencies again, so picture that coat in this shade:

What caught my eye in particular was that the sleeves were rolled up hanging on the rack. Which told me whoever had this coat wore it sometime, enough to need to roll up the sleeves. It didn't hang forever forgotten in the back of a closet. Plus it's got a good vibe.

It looks to me like a writer's coat.

Off for my new 'do. I'd best bring a book.

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