beer and boredom at the blog

What to do when unemployed? Why, drink and post silly pictures!

Anxiety had me up till dawn and a few hours' sleep leave me punchy.

Before the pics, random musings:

  • I reduced the fire (use of candles, incense) in my metaphysically dry and overheated space and brought in a diffuser for essential oils to introduce a water element. Seems to be helping.
  • Gotta get the car emissions test and new registration. Which Murphy's Law is it when large expenditures are required when finances are in a stranglehold or jobs lost?
  • This apartment truly is strangely dry; the lungs feel constricted, breathing labored. Water around seems to help. Wanna create a desktop fountain, the sort used in feng shui. Had one at a former abode in Idaho. Did no good; the only remedy for what ailed was to move. For now, a yellow casserole dish of water sits on the floor. Better Homes & Gardens had best not come knocking.

Drinking and posting dumb pictures is one method to alleviate anxiety and depression. Your results may vary. Onward.

Is this in the drivers' manual?

Thanks for the head's up.

There's a hundred former lazyass coworkers I'd like to have packing that box.

I'm German. I totally get this. Could've thought it up. Could've painted it.

How much dumber can we possibly get?

Budget's thinking outside the box.

Failproof contraception

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