No one won the red Mazda

I kill plants.

It's not intentional. But I've got a black thumb. Only plants that are virtually independent and self-reliant do well in my care. By well I mean not keel over. 

My studio has a weird vibe, which I may explain someday in another posting. One of the "remedies" I've been guided toward getting are plants. This doesn't make sense for one with a black thumb but there it is.

"Rescue plants," I'm told. Get plants that have been abandoned or left homeless by people moving or are sold for cheap at yard sales.

OK, I can live with that and I keep my eyes open.

A few days ago a galpal tells me about a plant that's been left behind by a tenant who just moved out. I check it out.

The plant's in a bad way. The soil's dry as desert and the stalks are keeling over and the bottom saucer's all smashed up.

It's a rescue plant for sure, and a succulent or cactus of some sort, I recognize. Perfect. Plants like that do well with me.

So I drive the plant home, hoping it'll survive the shock of the ride. It does.

It's a snake plant, aka mother-in-law plant due to the sharp look of its leaves and pointy tips. 

I replace the dried-out soil for fresh appropriate soil I happen to have on hand thanks to a recent transplant of Jade. Trim off the dried and slumping stalks. And set Snake by a window and hope for the best.

So far so good. In fact I read that this is one of the hardest plants to kill, so there's hope. Also a superb air purifier.

Longtime readers will recognize my heretofore single plant, Jade. When I bought Jade, she was in good shape, but after a while began dying. This tugged hard at my heart string's so I did my homework around soil and pot size and etc. to ensure an optimum transplant and proceeded accordingly She's thrived since. I love Jade, I do.

Snake is a plant of another color. I love Snake's single wayward stalk. Reckon why this is one reason I'm happy to welcome Snake to his/her new home.

That's the new arrival. No four furry black legs or bell. And no one won the Mazda guessing.

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