don’t spin your wheels, win ’em in my futile guessing game

A newcomer has arrived at my studio.

It ain't Moose. You'll find out tomorrow. Guesses are welcomed. A red Mazda with a big blue bow awaits if you're correct; taxes and license not included.

In the meantime, I got some skinny on Moose from two ladies chatting on the veranda. I'd have brought them mint juleps on a tray if I had the ingredients or the tray.

Anywho, word is that Moose belongs to a tenant named Paul who's not home much. I was kinda surprised his owner's a male 'cause Moose has a distinctively female aura about him somehow.

Anyway, Paul cracks open a window when he's away so Moose can come and go. But judging by how he gads about, when left alone, he prefers the company of others over the contented aloofness common to cats. I knew there was something different about this creature that I liked.

Tomorrow, a snapshot of the newcomer. Till then, dream on or drool.

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