the eyes don’t have it

New work. A bottle of gin. New glasses.

These are the top three things I need right now.

When I look through my glasses, images like this appear on the screen:

And this is a big, big problem because my life revolves around computer activities. Writing. Blogging. Job searching.

I can barely read the text because these glasses are old. I can't remember when I got this prescription. That's another thing that goes on the decline with aging. Memory.

Anyhow, it's been a few years. At that time, I had the means to upgrade my prescription. Now I don't. Now I have the means to pay the rent and not much more.

Now to read the screen, I actually need to remove the eyewear and crane my neck to lean way in till I'm 8 inches from the screen. I measured. Try working in that position all day every day.

It isn't healthy for my psyche or body or work. I'm beginning to suffer persistent headaches and a general malaise that is draining.

There's that saying out of sight, out of mind. Doesn't apply here. Or does it? Because without sight, I am out of my mind.

Dear Universe: Please bring me work that pays abundantly. So that I obtain new glasses and see clearly again and do my work. The gin, well, I can make that drive myself.

Thank you.
Yours faithfully,

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