Meet a Moose, less 990 pounds

Someone stopped by for a visit. Someone who couldn't reach the doorbell.


Yep, a few days ago I bumped into a tenant who provided the lowdown on this kitty who happens by day or night.

Kitty is Moose.

Moose’s home officially is on the first floor, first apartment on the right.

Moose gets around, hanging out with various tenants in their spaces.

Moose is a picky eater. I gathered as much. I set down a can of tuna, he nosed it and walked away with indifference. Ditto the bowl of diluted half-and-half. He did partake of water.

Reportedly there's only one food he likes that his owner gives him.

Moose's wanderings and adventures are enabled in part by a first-floor tenant who props open a window (right frame of bay window):

and this built-in stepping stone:

Moose wears a bell that warns the birds. When Moose comes calling, he does so not with a twist of an antique brass lever that delivers a cranking hoarse ring but a gentle tinkle of a brass bell at the window sill.

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