Moon river wider than a mile, wending its way through Virgo



Moon, full and new.

New moons are times to initiate changes, seed projects, direct energies toward births and beginnings. Today’s moon is in Virgo (7 degrees). And, for me, is resonating strongly perhaps because of my own Virgo moon.

Virgo themes are enhanced by this new moon. Themes of orderliness. Streamlining. Separating the wheat from the chaff. Getting down to basics. Allowing nonessentials to sit on the back burner. Or tossing them out altogether.

Decluttering. Organizing. Creating systems. Purification. Cleansings. Health. Eliminating toxins — which need not be only on the physical level but emotional, mental and spiritual.

Focus. Attention to detail; indeed, love of detail. Efficiency. Practicality. Logic. Taking care of business. Devising plans that get you from point A to B. Also Virgo qualities.

BTW, stumbling across this online, I couldn’t but chuckle:

Everyone knows the stereotype of Virgos as neat freaks but they can also be total slobs. Why? They just give up and surrender to chaos if they can’t achieve perfection.

Wow, can I relate! And never have I seen truer evidence than this past week of computer breakdown and disorganization of the home that’s included beaucoup furniture rearranging because evidently no matter where I set something, it still isn't feeling harmonious/in the flow.

Anyhow, enough ’bout me. I found this ditty by renowned astrologer Jeff Jawer that captures this new moon in a nutshell. Yet another Virgo talent.

The new moon in practical and detail-oriented Virgo is a great time to start healthy new habits. The focus and dedication of this sign are underscored by the new moon's conjunction with disciplined Saturn. Patterns established now can endure for a long time, so it's vital to turn negative thinking into positive action.

Don't let the size of obstacles deter you from advancing your interests as patient Saturn and pragmatic Virgo are an excellent combination for producing slow and steady progress that can reshape your life one small step at a time.

Also this new-moon abundance ritual from an excellent, excellent psychic that I’ve hung onto for weeks for presentation on this occasion:

  • Take a blank check
  • Leave the date open
  • Leave the amount open
  • Make it out to yourself
  • Write: Paid in Full
  • In the memo write: LVX — which is love metaphysically
  • Sign it Law of Abundance

Place it on a fridge or somewheres you see it.
Don’t doubt yourself. If you doubt yourself, you stop it from working.

Happy new mooning, one ‘n’ all!

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