an addition to the bad words starting with s

I'd rather do about anything other than what's on tap today.


Get a root canal. Okay, not the finest example. After more than half a dozen, I can sit through 'em with a comme si comme ca.

Chew tinfoil.

Comb my hair with a hand cultivator.

Peruse the perfume and cosmetics counters at any store. Especially tortuous: high-end retailers like Macy's, Nordstrom.

What's on the agenda? That bad word:


By necessity. I've got boxes staring at me with no place to put their contents. Except the food items.

I don't mind living outta boxes. I really don't. With so many moves, it's become a lifestyle.

Once I lived outta boxes stashed in a garage and a giant bag of clothes with only the essentials unpacked for, oh, like a year and a half, maybe two. It's the gypsy and nomadic in me. Plus the experiential knowledge that wherever I am ain't gonna last, so why bother unpacking just to pack it all up in 20 minutes. Sometimes 10.

Now that I think on it, this time a year ago I was living out of boxes. And that very same gigantic duffel bag. That bag's really been around the block, in Japan and the States and in-between. One of my best investments ever, that bag.

Still, it's hard to play the stereo when the components are boxed up.

So shelving's a priority on today's spree. A spree that'll satisfy one shopping "urge." Which leaves one remaining for the rest of the year.

Gonna circumvent the stores best I can and hit the yard sales. Bought yesterday's paper just for those ads. Also gonna cruise the boulevards in the northern quarter where the nice homes are. And stay away from the east side unless I need a hit of crack.

I hate shopping. So wish me luck. I'll start with a penny tossed into the well.

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