this … space … is … mine

As I pulled into a parking space in front of my apartment after work yesterday, I noticed something was different.


Can you see the difference?

Two of my three windows needed new screens; two of the three now have them!

I was ecstatic, ecstatic I tell you!

I got on the horn to my landlord to thank him. He wasn't in so I left an outpouring of genuine excited thank you's.

Then turned back to the rooms. The entire space felt different. More like a home. Or rather the start of one.

It cannot be a home without security and privacy.

Many, perhaps even most, take these essentials for granted. Unless you've never been without these foundation stones, or are close to someone who has, it's easy to do, I suppose.

I do not take these for granted. Home to me since I was a wee one is about violation and absence of safety.

It is one of my great life lessons and works to change that up and create a home. Hell, to discover what a home, in the positive sense, really is.

Much like learning a new language, it's an ongoing process. One with no definitive end, only movement forward.

Speaking of movement, now that there are screens … and blinds … and one freshly added lock per window … I can begin unpacking. And put that U-Haul on hold. For now.

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