Hey Hoop!

There are perks to my move and one of them has four feet.

This dog, who resembles a small horse, really, is a member of a family who rents from my employer, a father-son team who has since become (my) friends.

You can't miss Hooper. All 170 pounds of him. Of the three English mastiffs D. has had, he's actually on the slight side; a former pet had 70 pounds on this boy.

Don't have a picture of him standing so here's an approximate example (Hooper is comparatively leaner and all muscle):

He likes to be in the action … to be in the know:

He loves people but is basically a one-man dog and super-attached to his main man, T.

His paws, when they're spread out, are the same size as my hand, if not  bigger. Hooper may look imposing but he's a teddy bear. Spooooiled. And he looves his belly rubs, as evidenced by glassy-eyed zoned-out expression:

He's a good little, err, big man, Hooper.


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