divine doings: deux

Not making this up, swear to god.

As written before, I'm a fan of (selected) online divination sites. It was pretty cool when I pulled the angel of moving card last month.

Today I hopped over to 101insights, another favorite site that's so often on the money, it's spooky. And pulled:


Smile at yourself.
There is no need for condemnation here.

Have you ever cleaned out your closet? Did you notice that as you begin to empty this and that from your closet you create a mess, chaos and debris? Then you have to rearrange and reorganize everything back into the closet. A fair amount of energy is expended to put a closet in order.

So it is with you right now. Your closet (of life) is being emptied and everything appears in a state of disarray. You are deciding what to put back in your closet and what to throw out.

Let go of the old. Say thank you for when and how it served you. Once reorganized, your closet will have new space with which you may choose to fill with new and different things.

What will you put in there?

Because here's what my room looked like Sunday:

(Granted, it ain't much for the average person but for me who loathes having stuff and clutter, this is plenty! p.s. that large black shelving unit, which holds primarily my music system, isn't mine.)

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