In the kingdom of Your Haughtiness

Queenie is alive, well and still running the show.

On paper, Queenie’s neither Queenie nor a she but Kiki and a he.

But everything about this community cat feels female. And everything about this community cat is I’m the Boss of You:

You pet me when I want.

You, the tenants throughout two buildings, will leave me bowls of food and water outside your doors.

I’ll come into your homes when I want and leave when I want. If you do not open your door when I want out, I will meow incessantly and raise my tone until you do.

I will let my human slave find me when I am ready.

Otherwise, I have things to do. Like

ridding irritants from my fur

getting a back massage

affirming my rule as top dog

and meeting new creatures I have no use for

When I’m done with you, I’ll let you know in clearest terms. I am Queenie. You worship at my feet. Or don’t. Whatever.

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