it’s love

On summer days like this in the Pacific Northwest that are, not atypically, overcast, gray, cool and rainy, and a day of warm sunshine and blue sky lingers like a soft sad memory, there's but one solution: Look at photos!

(aside: these were taken with a cell phone in a literal point-hope-n-shoot because nothing is visible on that screen in outdoor lighting!)

These are evidence that the clouds do part and the sun does shine bright and the breezes do tickle the waters into hysterical giggles

and patio umbrellas do pop open to shield diners from rays delivered with conviction

and the boats do sail

and the salmon and halibut and crab do bite, on occasion

and the celestial ball of fire does collapse willingly behind the hills

and the Berr keeps watch on earth, sky and water from his high seat on the pier

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