a nod from the divine

More good news. The final hurdle has been cleared: The roommate has agreed to an early exit clean and free.

I've been praying for the departure to be of ease and clear.

Typically leases require a one-month notice to vacate. However, in these informal arrangements, there was no lease, just written acceptance of a deposit and the monthly rent.

Specifics aside, there was potential for her to throw wrenches into the flow, to complicate the situation or burden the exit with more of the same energies catalyzing my retreat and exit.

When I informed of my move, I watched as she continued putting away the dishes nonchalantly with her back to me and picked up the wrench to toss into the flow. No good could come of that; no good comes of me being here a moment longer than required by the mechanics of the move.

Then she thought twice when I offered that it is best for all that I go sooner than later. It reminded her how intensely she dislikes having me here.

The wrench was set down, she backed off, let things be and agreed to the terms for an early exit, without complications, with ease.

My prayers have been answered.

I thanked her, sincerely and genuinely.

I smiled inside. With that potential obstruction surrendered, the door's wide open and the path clear to the next destination. Two weeks max.

Being here has been an arduous experience, filled with enormous pain, danger, unsafe living and cruel blows delivered from behind and below. Perhaps in time I'll share tidbits; perhaps I won't. Neither is my primary concern presently.

My focus is on leaving behind that which is and progressing with positive attention and intention.

And here's what else: For months I've known intuitively that September would be a very big month. A month of fresh beginnings, a new chapter, a birthing. I've seen it in my third eye and radar screen.

The unfolding is occurring as was seen and as it's supposed to.

I love being on track!

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