I can keep a secret. Just not this one.

I'm itching to tell the glorious news.

And hesitate until the ink's dry.

What the heck, I'll take the plunge! In follow-up to the blessed studio signaled by a chiming bell, I met again with manager D. to turn in the application. Here's an element not yet mentioned: He knows the family (my employer), including Rex, my boss who passed in March. The very high esteem and regard in which this good family is held in this town pocket open doors. Rather than wearing the mark of Cain, you wear a mark of blessings if you're a good person and connected with the family.

So in manager D.'s mind, I'm in; as of our meeting Wednesday, he still needed to run the paperwork past the owner. I was told to expect a call today and to have the deposit ready.

I do.

By day's end, the studio of the bells may officially be mine!

After which the only matters remaining are the move and a clean exit. And those, those I'm exceptionally skilled at thanks to a lifetime of moves. I've lost count at what number this is; at the moment, I don't really care.

I'm just incredibly happy at the door that is opening and the door that is closing behind.

More, good readers, as the healing journey unfolds. The next bell I hear may very well be the ding-dong of my new doorbell!

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