Sleep, Interrupted


At bedtime yesterday I went to take a sleeping pill to ensure deep restful slumber. (Although I was exhausted after six loooong days of labor, my body and brain would not shut down, and with another demanding week ahead, I figured I'd better get it while I can. (Sleep I mean.)

And I take an anti-anxiety medicine instead. Whoopsie.

Well it'll take the edge off but won't call in Mr. Sandman so I mull the matter of mixed medications and take the sleep aid. When in half an hour my muscular working legs morph into pillars of jello and my eyelids turn to led, I hit the hay excitedly, gratefully.

Then whoopsie again. At the point of deepest rest, I'm awakened by a gentle and persistent rap rap rap at my door and voice calling my name. It's my roommate who needs me to move the car so he can get the flatbed trailer out.

So I stumble out looking like death warmed over, move the car and return to the room to remarry the mattress.

Only now I've been up and out in the bright glare of daylight and active, and my body-mind don't turn off that quickly. So for an hour I toss and turn. Tune the radio to the most boring program where a guy drones on about some nutritional supplement. And I hear the whole hourlong spiel. Damn!

Finally Mother Nature intervenes victoriously and sails me into a couple more hours of rest. All told, I probably got 8 hours, a far cry from the 12-14 for which I was aiming.

So between the exhaustion, two drugs, a week of stress and sleep deprivation and no life outside of work, I'm zoned up, zonked out and zombied good. In a functional way, like our monster man here. With so much work ahead this week, I can't afford to be a total zombie, much as I'd like to be.  

This altered state should make for an, um, interesting? hallucinogenic? time-warpy kinda week.

On the upside, it'll add a surreal bounce to this afternoon's pool party that the family, aka employer, is throwing at the house to celebrate the completion of the four renovations.

There are four apartments still to do from scratch but we ain't talkin' about those today.

There'll be food and drink — and plenty of it, this crowd's no stranger to wholesome and unwholesome eccentricities — and at least one person gettin' tossed into the pool and hilarity and cuttin' loose after real stressful times and smart-ass comments, humor and wit, much of it from my employer, who is one of the funniest people I've ever known.

The family parties are, I've heard, well worth the price of admission, were there a price. So while I may not be in my right mind, I am in a state of mind where time and space do not intersect but bend,. It's sure to be a bash that even Frankie here won't soon forget.

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