I don’t have the time but I’ve got the jokes.

We're getting down to the wire at work. Two of the three renovated apartments are lookin' good for Sunday's open house; the third, well, let's say it's in process.

I've worked overtime every day this week. Will again today and put in more hours tomorrow. My life is literally my job right now, but I saw it coming. And every day the boss goes and gets slurpees for those of us working overtime. And I drink my evening beer while working. So it's not so bad.

Nine guys will be crammed into one little space off and on today to finish it up. That's a lot of hilarity. And a lot of testosterone. I usually end up taking a short jaunt to the office where the manager, a female, is to breathe in some estrogen and silence.

So busy busy. In the meantime, I may not have the time but I do have the jokes. See ya later, 'gator.

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