the pause that refreshes. uh, maybe not.

When there's work to do, I rise to the occasion every time.

And of late, rising to the occasion includes long hours of intense focused work. And hours of overtime each day, around three on an 8-hour day. By choice, I'm not taking  lunches or breaks aside from the pause to come up for air. I'd rather have the pause that refreshes. With rum, please.

Anyhow, we've got to get three of the four apartments that've been undergoing a complete renovation and transformation for many months done because Sunday's the open house. (The fourth is already done and inhabited.) Announcements have been distributed and mailed.

It's a big deal because the building that's been recreated from the inside out used to be fairly characterless apartments with the unattractive look of the '70's. Now they are modern with personalized touches of quirkiness and creativity, the earmarks of the family, my employer.

I'd tell you more but I'm too tired. My life at the moment is work work work … and, oh yeah, eat … and oh yeah, sleep. Saturday will be a full work day. Come Sunday, though, this stage of the project will be done (there are still four gutted apartments next in line), we can enjoy the fruits of our labors at the open house … and kick back at the party at the family's house. Pool! Food! Drink! Sunshine – hopefully!

So I'm in pause mode and not around much on Vox (not that anyone noticed) and I miss reading what's what in whose hood. When all this work is done, we'll all have Cokes. On me. With a heavy splash of spice, of course, if that's your pleasure.

p.s. anyone who can cite the year or thereabouts that the Coke slogan the pause that refreshes was born without googling it wins the Mazda. OK, on a keychain.

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