Cat update for Cat et al.

I bumped into Queenie today.

She was hungry for attention. Let me pet her. Rubbed up against my calf.

Gave herself a nice back rub upon the gravel. (apologies for the poor quality of the cell-phone camera.)

Let me pet her more.

Then she shined me on.

About 5 minutes later a dark calico cat (whom I've seen about) appeared out of nowhere, sending Queenie bolting up several flights of stairs, with Calico Cat in fiery pursuit.

They hissed and screeched and called each other really bad names in cat tongue. Then Queenie fleewwwww down this stairwell post like her tail was on fire.

And darted for cover beside a car, quaking. I've never seen Queenie humble before. It did her good. It won't last.

A bit later I bumped into a resident who heard the cat fight. He used to room with Queenie's owner, who moved recently. Said the cat's not a she but a he and that his name is Kiki.

Uhhh, OK. Her vibe's still female and he's still Queenie to me.

The roomie guy said Queenie loooves it here. But I knew that. Of course he does! He gets more food and water and attention and pets and oohs and ahhs than some of us get in a lifetime. The guy said once they took him out of his hood and he got all blue. So they brought him back, securing his position as king in the hood.

Calico Cat could be after some territory. Having witnessed Queenie and Calico Cat in dispute, I put my money on Calico. He looks like one mean mother——- bully.

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