green but it ain’t with envy

Jade needs help. Jade needs room to grow. Jade has been repotted, as of yesterday.

I love plants. But I don't have a green thumb. I have a black thumb. Plants die on me despite my heroic efforts. The only plants that stand a chance with me are extremely hearty, independent and self-reliant, or damn near close!

Thus I tend to get very attached to the plants that survive and thrive.

Jade began healthy in her pot, as this April photo shows:

Recently, however, she's been dropping leaves and looking sickly. So I researched jade care and yesterday, on a rare day of sunshine, transplanted her, using the proper soil and increased pot size.

Now it's a matter of time for her to adjust to her improved digs and hopefully begin thriving once again. (sucky cell-phone photo; she's greener than appears.)

Jade can be propogated by a cutting of a stem or leaf. This is my first attempt at that with Jade. See that little leaf on the left next to the quartz crystal? So tiny!

I'll be keeping close observation of the babies. And their Jade momma.

I love Jade and don't want to lose her. And please, Pacific Northwest sun, pretty please stay out! After seven months of gray gloom, we all need your light and warmth; Jade needs you too.

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