red eyes aren’t just for zombie flights anymore

People are full of surprises and none greater than when they tell me they don’t know what a red eye is.

Or perhaps I’m hanging with the wrong crowd.

Anyhow, red eye is not only an adjective for a midnight flight but a drink — one of the tastiest and most refreshing, IMHO.

Plus it’s good for the health. And how many drinks can you say that about?

Well, many many, but let’s move on.

For a red eye, simply take:



and pour half and half into a glass of ice


I’m using Sam Adams Summer Ale, a wheat ale with lemon and grains of paradise, whatever that means. Any beer will do. (Longtime readers will recognize my beloved pint glass won in a raffle at the Lagunitas brewery night.)

Myself, I like the lagers and ales for a red eye because they add body that’s refreshing without being heavy and are easy on the palate early in the day. (Which I define as before 2 p.m.)

Officially red eye recipes call for tomato juice — some a shot, others half a glass. It’s personal preference.

Myself, I can’t stand tomato juice while I love V8 juice.

Spice it up with splashes of Tabasco and Worcestershire and a dash of horseradish.  Slip in a stalk of celery or a few green olives. Mmmmmm.

Ice, lots of it, is mandatory; a straw or designated driver is optional.

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