it’s a jungle out there

Berr Symon's a man about town. Now he's a star too.

Yesterday as I was weeding — in the rare rare rare Pacific Northwest sun, think it was the first semi-full day of sun since Memorial Day weekend — he was sunning himself on a rock some distance down.

And a passerby, who didn't see me weeding, a man of about, oh, 33, stops, stands about where I'm standing in this picture, takes careful aim with his cell phone and snaps a pic of rockin' Symon.

As he strolls off reviewing the pic, I blurt out, "That's Symon."  He glances around to determine where the voice is coming from, then sidles over.

"My mom collects teddy bears," he says. He thought a kid had dropped the bear and someone had set him on a rock.

I said, nah, he's  a man about town. A rescue from the Goodwill. And how they don't make bears like that much anymore … with the elongated noses like real bears have … they're all the humanized pug noses. (I read somewhere people find the redesign cuter.)

Rockin' Symon's not only a man about this town but now that town, wherever that man's e-mail was destined.

In other news, remember the monkey business in the streets of Tacoma?
Notice something different  between the two photos, aside from body position?

That's right, Marcel's on the move.

So I know the guy who owns the second vehicle. So I asked yesterday whether he'd noticed the monkey on his car.

He says he had, and the first car's his too, and someone's been playing a joke on him and he suspects he knows who.

I say he oughta keep the monkey circulating by setting him on some stranger's car. He likes the notion.

At this rate of animal migration, Berr Symon and the monkey are likely to meet. Will there be a struggle for hood domination?

I think not. We already know who reigns. And Queenie lets no one forget.


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