A Cat for Cat et al.

All's right with the world. At least in Cat Queenie's world.

Concern was expressed by Cat in relation to a potentially fatal match between a community cat and dying squirrel who looked ill, possibly poisoned.

Queenie is alive and well with reign intact.

Queenie (my name for her) gets around between two apartment buildings. She apparently has no one "owner." The tenants, as well as passsersby, are at her command. She hangs inside assorted apartments. Receives plenty of food and water, attention and affection. Queenie's not hurtin'.

Queenie's as haughty as ever. "I'm the Boss of You" is her mantra.

Queenie's as curious as ever. She patrols the grounds and invariably drops by when I've got an apartment to clean. How thoughtful nosy of her.

She's an alpha animal and a hunter.

When she wants out, she beckons with persistent demanding meows.

Must be nice to have the world at your furry feet, eh?

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